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Registered Nurse Case Managers coordinate all home health services and perform skilled nursing assessments, provide direct care, teach self-care and instruct family members in the care of their homebound loved ones.

This service includes:

  • Negotiating with doctors and therapy medications
  • Collaborates with the medical team in giving the most appropriate assistance
  • Establishes the most cost-effective plan
  • Oversees the post acute patient client
  • Others

With us, you can easily arrange services. For any needs or problems, our registered nurses will work to resolve all medical issues in the care of your loved ones. If your loved one needs new medication or has shown new symptoms, our team will report immediately to the Physician. For more information, please send us a message.

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We offer Balance Assessments to seniors 65 and older. Current mandates upon entering MEDICARE includes a balance assessment and fall prevention program under the care of your physician. Safe Balance meets these requirements and contributes to the sustaining independence of our senior population.

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