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Wound Specialists assess, manage and evaluate all types of wounds and treatment recommendation. If you have a loved one who is suffering a wound caused by an illness or an accident, come to our team today for assistance. Proper treatment can lead to faster healing.

Wounds needs to be cleaned, some bandaged, stitched or bandaged. If they are not properly treated, complications may arise and may cause infection.

Ensure your loved ones proper healing. Have a wound specialist at your home today. Any open wound puts anyone in a higher risk of infection. Free your \self from these worries, prevention is always better than cure. If you have other concerns, you may reach us anytime at — (847) 296-3950.

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We offer Balance Assessments to seniors 65 and older. Current mandates upon entering MEDICARE includes a balance assessment and fall prevention program under the care of your physician. Safe Balance meets these requirements and contributes to the sustaining independence of our senior population.

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